Truth Progress, in brief.

Truth Progress is not just a web site. It’s a movement. It’s a movement of people that refuse to accept lies from the government, the media and businesses. We are not speaking for ourselves. We are speaking for all of you lost people [not sheep] that are out there trying to piece the reality together. Truth exists, and it’s not absolute. Human beings cannot ever get comfortable enough to disregard the system, or rather the machine that we live in. It is time to wake up and question everything we have been taught; to reconnect with nature and each other. It is time to start caring about the world and one another. This hub will serve as a source for information that will enable you to seek the truth. We cannot tell you what the truth is; you have to find it yourself. Truth Progress will embark with you on a journey through alternative media, literature and news sources that will open up your ears, then your eyes, and then your mind. Our life should be based on humanity, not tyranny. Remember that we are citizens of the world, not just one country.


Truth will set you free. Love will propel you forward.